Products Description
Ip-c10 (Isodecane) is a highly branched synthetic hydrocarbon product. After multiple hydrogenation and molecular screening and
filtration, the product has a high degree of isomerization and low impurity content. Narrow distillation range, almost free of
aromatics and sulphur, suitable for cosmetics and easy to biodegrade. Combined with the relative inertia of saturated iso-alkane
structure, the harmful reactions in industrial production process and consumption application can be greatly reduced or
eliminated. It has the advantages of high flash point and no odor.

Kinematic viscosity (40 ° C), mm2 / s
Flash point (closed) °C ≥
Pour point, °C
Color, Sai's ≥
GB/T 3555
IBP, oC ≥
GB/T 6536
FBP, oC ≤
GB/T 6536
Sulfur content, mg/Kg,≤
Density (20 ° C), kg / m3
Mechanical impurities and moisture
Visual inspection
Colorless, non-fluorescent, transparent oily liquid
Colorless, non-fluorescent, transparent oily liquid
Visual inspection
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Does the forwarder not undertake the goods?
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High flash point
Good safety performance
The process of narrow
The volatilization speed is very fast and easy to recover
The polarity of small
High solubility to grease and dirt
The surface tension is extremely low
High permeability and good wetting property
High purity
Do not corrode metal, do not erode plastic surface
Very low aromatics
High occupational exposure limits, reducing health hazards
Almost tasteless
Improve working environment and company image
Environmental protection
The volatiles are recyclable and biodegradable
Can be applied to:
1. Gear oil, such as stamping oil, metalworking oil or anti-rust oil
2. Pesticides (herbicides), insecticides, ant repellents and other agents such as metal parts of home appliances, liquid crystal filters and cleaning agents before electroplating;
3. Glass bottle protector and car and household fragrances;
4. Production solvents for automobile protective wax and machine wax
*This product has passed the RoSH certification.
*After testing, the product does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene and n-hexane
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Zmpc has been cultivating chemical materials for special purposes for many years and has a perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system. From the discussion of production problems to the use of products and services, the whole process is followed up by special personnel, so that customers can be assured of the whole process. The company has more than 3000 cubic meters of new material storage, to ensure stable supply, high quality and low price.
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ZMPC focuses on new chemical materials and is committed to developing more high-quality, more efficient and more environmentally friendly chemical materials. In the past few years, in response to the national environmental call, ZMPC has devoted itself to the research of new chemical materials that are environmentally friendly, safe and odorless. ZMPC has launched environmental dearomatic solvent oil, special diluent for special extraction (No. 260 environmental oil), low-odor high-end alkane solvent, high-end process white oil and other high-quality products, which have been widely praised in the industry.
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All sales products are in accordance with the "warehouse inspection, inspection" principle, to ensure the quality of products. Integrate superior resources to ensure good quality and low price.
Certificate Honors

Products packages
Points for attention
1. In the process of transportation, storage and transportation, pipelines, containers and pumps shall be specially applied. No fireworks shall be used in the storage and transportation site;
2. Copper tools shall be used for loading and unloading. When pumping oil or pouring cans, the oil tank and the live pipe must be grounded with conductive metal wire;
3. Please keep the ground clean, so that oil leakage can be dealt with in a timely manner, and no flammable items can be placed around;
4. Transportation and storage of the product must comply with SH0164 "Petroleum Products Packaging, Storage and Delivery Acceptance Rules";
5. Inflammable special oil or chemical solvent should be separated and stored, and the marks of inflammable goods should be placed.
Purchase Guide
Purchase Guide
1.Since all products sold by our company are chemicals, please read the product description on the product details page or consult customer service before purchasing to ensure that you can use the products you have purchased correctly. Due to improper product selection will not be accepted. (special note: the products in this store contain dangerous chemicals, please be careful to buy)
2.Please carefully check the storage conditions and other safety technical instructions before purchase. Zhengmao petrochemical will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by improper use of the products or the storage conditions do not conform to the product instructions.
3.The company only shows some products, if you need other products, please contact customer service online.

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