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Maoming Zhengmao Petrochemical Co. Ltd. (ZMSH, hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Zhengmao petrochemical".)

The company is located inChina's famous petrochemical production base - Maoming. Relying on the unique advantages of the southern oil city of the petrochemical industry, the company has a mature development for large sets of white oil, solvent oil, paraffin and other petrochemical products deep processing, wholesale distribution and service in one of the petrochemical enterprises;

The company has a series of harmonic complete distillation, sulfonation and hydrogenation production line equipment, with more than professional and technical engineers, has a perfect quality management system, scientific, products strictly in accordance with the international standards organization of production, processing, to ensure that the products of the leading peer, and strive to improve customer satisfaction; at the same time to become familiar with and understanding of the local petrochemical company, and Maoming local state-owned and private

petrochemical production enterprises to establish a good long-term strategic partnership with Sinopec, CNOOC signed a contract to supply adequate, obvious advantages, the products have been covered in Southern China area, all over the country.

We have all kinds of fully qualified tankers, tank car more than and 20, fast delivery, perfect management, transportation and distribution services for customers to provide safe and efficient.

"Young, where".

In the blending of traditional petrochemical industry and the information age, "Mao petrochemical" role is not just a business, he is a full of youthful spirit, pragmatic and efficient it, he has always been to "specialization, standardization, refinement and affection" for the service concept; with "integrity-based, service first, through excellence, symbiotic affinity" for business purposes; to "% of consumer satisfaction to performance excellence" as the goal!

Looking ahead, "oil" you walk. Passionate and pragmatic as Treemass who is willing to take the most sincere smile, and you work together to create a better future, stand together through storm and stress!

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